Guidance Lessons

Every two weeks, the coordinator visits the music room to present a guidance lesson to your child’s class. These lessons are designed to help children become successful at school and in life. Lessons are based on the Character Counts curriculum for PreK4-2nd grades and on the Auto B Good character curriculum for grades three and four.

The topics include positive self esteem, bullying prevention, academic success skills, substance abuse awareness and career awareness. Respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness and citizenship are emphasized in both curriculums.

Small Groups

Some children meet as needed in small groups with the coordinator to work through problems or feelings they may be experiencing. Groups can address issues such as social skills, anger management, and grief.

Individualized Services

Referrals for individuals may be made by staff, parents or students themselves. The coordinator meets with the student to understand his/her needs, give support and offer constructive guidance.


Conferences are held with parents, teachers, and administrators to address development of appropriate services for students.


Programs are coordinated to address student academic needs. These include Gifted/Talented, 504, Special Education, ESL, Migrant, and Dyslexia programs. The character education program coordinator also serves as test coordinator for PreK3-4th grade, GT, 504 and dyslexia assessments.