Queen City High School

TC Fuels was instrumental in helping Queen City High School secure a $500 grant for the Math & Science Team. This will help these student reach their goals of competing at the highest level and representing QCHS. Thanks again to TC Fuels and the ExxonMobil Alliance Grant.


Pictured Left to Right: Colton Henry, Ricky Smith, Dylan Garrison, Adam Oas, Sara Blankenship

Principal: Mike Dillinger

Assistant Principal: Erin Lambeth

Counselor:  Stacey Alexander

Athletic Director:  Justin Burk

Band Director:  Billy Vess

 9 – 12                                             Enrollment:  314

Address:    905 Houston Street, Queen City, Texas 75572

Telephone: (903) 796-8259                         Fax:             (903) 796-8258