QCFFA at LKFFA Invitational Trap Shoot

QCFFA at LKFFA Invitational Trap Shoot
Posted on 01/14/2019
QCFFA at LKFFA Invitational Trap Shoot

This past Friday, January 11th, members of the Queen City FFA Shooting Sports Team faced cold and wet conditions at Maud Gun Club to compete at the 2nd Annual Linden-Kildare FFA Invitational Trap Shoot. 23 Teams from across Northeast Texas took to the range in search of a trophy and I am proud to say that our students were able to bring one home.

Queen City was represented by 3 teams and 2 individual shooters and took home the 2nd place trophy after winning a shoot-off against Linden-Kildare. Queen City Team 1, made up of Garrett Beckham, Eveyn Upchurch, Easton Fincher, and Jake Warren, had an initial score of 244, just a few points shy of first place but firmly seated in the second place slot. When the awards were being announced, it was revealed that the last team to compete that day, LKFFA Team 1, had also scored a 244 and a shoot-off of 25 rounds would be needed to determine 2nd and 3rd place. Things were made even more interesting by the fact that 3 of the 4 members of QC Team 1 had left due to scheduling conflicts. This left Eveyn Upchurch as the lone member of Team 1 but a strong team mentality won the day when Spencer Warren and Kyle Campbell stepped up and volunteered to shoot by his side. Those three made a winning combination, beating LK Team 1 by 3 shots and claiming the 2nd place trophy.

Below you will find a listing of team members in the order that they competed on Friday, as well as a group photo and a photo of the shoot-off group claiming the trophy. Unfortunately, the rest of Team 1 had left by this time, so I will have to get their trophy photo later!

Queen City FFA Shooting Sports Team:
Team 1:
Garrett Beckham
Eveyn Upchurch
Easton Fincher
Jake Warren

Team 2:
Spencer Warren
Shawn Powell
Cody Blank 
Justin Lance

Team 3:
Brent Latham
Nathan Johnson
Austin Underwood
Kyle Campbell

Steven Stone 
Justin Mitchell

QCFFA at LKFFA Invitational Trap Shoot