MUMS Counseling Center

Welcome to the MUMS

The Morris Upchurch Middle School counseling program provides an equal opportunity for all students to receive guidance and counseling. Through this program students will increase their knowledge and skills in decision-making, goal-setting, planning, problem-solving, and communicating. All students will have access to the counselor for assistance with personal and social concerns, as well as academic and career planning. The program involves three components to enhance student’s educational development: Guidance curriculum, Responsive Services, and Individual Planning. Please call the school if you have any questions about these services.


Morris Upchurch Middle School Guidance Curriculum

Fifth Grade:
Lesson 1 – “Making the Most of Middle School”
Lesson 2 – “The Wild Wild Web!”
Lesson 3 - “Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain” & “The Totally Disgusting Tobacco Gross Out Video”
Lesson 4 – “My Best Me!”
Lesson 5 – “You're Mean!”
Lesson 6 – “Looking at Careers: It's Never Too Soon”

Sixth Grade:
Lesson 1 – “Becoming an Organized Student”
Lesson 2 – “Digital Smarts”
Lesson 3 – “High on Spice: The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana”   & “Inhalant Abuse: One Huff Can Kill”
Lesson 4 – “Excuses, Excuses: Give It Up”
Lesson 5 – “Developing Self-Confidence”
Lesson 6 – “The ‘Are you a Bully?’ Test”

Seventh Grade: 
Lesson 1 – “Teenagers Under Construction”
Lesson 2 – “10 Ways to Stay Safe on the Internet”
Lesson 3 – “Marijuana and the Teenage Brain” & “Buzz in a Bottle: The Dangers of Caffeine-Spiked Energy Drinks”
Lesson 4 – “Career Cruising”
Lesson 5 – “That's So Rude”
Lesson 6 – “Nobody’s Perfect: Learning Self-Acceptance”
Eighth Grade:
Lesson 1 – “Unlocking Your Potential: Grit, Determination & Mindset”
Lesson 2 – “The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know”
Lesson 3 – “Chemical Highs: The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs” & “The Faces of Drunk Driving”
Lesson 4 – “Cheating: Pressures, Choices and Value”
Lesson 5 – “Your Reputation: Enhancing It and Repairing It”
Lesson 6 – “Texting & Driving: The Deadliest Combination” & “Is College for Me?”