Library Books and Fine Information

  • Students may check out two books at one time.
  • Books may be checked out for two weeks.
  • A student may not check out books if he/she has a fine or an overdue book.
  • Fines are ten cents a day per book.
  • Students who have not paid their fines or who have overdue books for an extended time receive reminder notices.
  • Students are encouraged to pay all fines and lost book fees by the end of each nine weeks. All students must be clear by the end of the school year.

Computer Use

  • Students are not allowed to check their personal e-mails, enter chat rooms, download files, play games or music, or visit blogs while on library computers.
  • Student use of the computers is monitored by the librarian, and students will be denied access to the computers when used inappropriately.
  • Student use of the computers for school work takes precedence over student use of the computers for recreational purposes.
  • Students may not print personal pages-only school-related materials may be printed.


TexQuest - For login/password see your librarian.

Destiny Library Program

AR Bookfinder

For logins/passwords, see your librarian.