Math and Science Team

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Please congratulate these students for their good work!

Jay Patel
1st place Number Sense               
2nd place Mathematics               
6th place Calculator               
Plus he received a Top Gun Scholarship!!!

Tyler Moore
5th place Number Sense

Colton Henry
5th place Number Sense                   
6th place Mathematics

Adam Oas
5th place Calculator

Cody Moore
5th place Number Sense

Jordan Bowen
6th place Number Sense

Adam Bowen
1st place Mathematics                   
3rd place Number Sense

The prizes at this meet are by grade level.  Each of these students won an individual trophy.  7th-10th places win ribbons, and we got lots of those too.This meet prepares the students for the UIL District, Region and State meets we still have coming up. Please wish them luck for this Friday.

Thank you for all your support!!

Sara Blankenship