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On April 20th the QC Bass Fishing Team ventured out on Lake O' Pines to compete in the 6th local tournament of the year. The spring weather cooperated and the student anglers had a beautiful day on the water. 

There were 6 boats with 12 student anglers competing for the top places of the day. Clayton Whittenberg and Logan Oas were partnered together on Barry Watkins Skeeter bass boat. Jasey Engledowl and Alexia Engeldowl were fishing out of Jason Engledowls Xpress. Mike Benson was captaining Ryan Ream and Dylan Benson who were fishing out of the Nitro Z9. Carson Dillinger and Rylan Donaldson were working off Mike Dillinger's Skeeter 202. Aubrie Kiser and Austin Fahrney were fishing out of John Sisco's Stratos bass boat. Dan Sawyer was the boat captain for T.J. Stagner and J. Stagner in his Tracker. 

The fishing was tough on this beautiful April morning with the team of Engledowl/Engledowl catching the 1st bass of the morning weighing in at 2.64 lbs.  Stagner/Stagner was the next team to record two bass in a row with a 1.26 lbs & .98 lbs bass. The score tracker started to light up with team after team joining the action. Whittenberg/Oas were able to put a 2.18 lbs bass in the boat, along with Ream/Benson netting a nice 2.74 lbs bass. The day started slow for Dillinger/Donaldson with a .8 lbs bass, along with a 1.58 lbs bass from Kiser/Fahrney.

As the day progressed three teams were battling for the top spot with Kiser/Fahrney leading the way throughout the tournament. As the day warmed up the student anglers were able to dial in a pattern and pull in the bass. None of the student anglers gave up. They put their nose to the grind stone and worked through their tackle box to find that one combination the bass would bite. Carson Dillinger was able to pull in the Big Bass of the tournament with a 3.1 lbs bass. The final team standings for the day were:

1st place - Aubrie Kiser & Austin Fahrney - 8 fish - 12.6 lbs
2nd place - Jacey Engledowl & Alexia Engledowl - 5 fish - 10.14 lbs
3rd place - Carson Dillinger & Rylan Donaldson - 6 fish - 9.04 lbs
4th place - T.J. Stagner & J. Stagner - 4 fish - 5.08 lbs
5th place - Ryan Ream & Dylan Benson - 2 fish - 4.68 lbs
6th place - Clayton Whittenberg & Logan Oas - 2 fish - 3.62 lbs

Congrats to all of our student anglers.

Bass Fishing April 20th