Queen City ISD
1015 Houston Street
Queen City, TX 75572
Discrimination Statement


Queen City ISD does not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity, race, color, age, or national origin in its educational programs or employment as required by Title IX, Sections 504, and Title VI.

   Belief Statements
  • We believe students have a shared responsibility for their own learning.
  • We believe education is an ever-changing life-long process, and people need to view themselves as life-long learners.
  • We believe students of today will live in a different future, and we must prepare them to confront new challenges.
  • We believe that Queen City ISD must continue to provide an excellent program that addresses the educational needs of all students in a safe and supportive environment.
  • We believe the collaboration between the home, the school, the district, and the community has a direct correlation to the quality of the educational system and the experience of each student.
  • We believe that Queen City ISD must manage financial assets in an efficient and effective manner that is fiscally responsible to all members of the community. 

Queen City ISD will:

  • Provide an exemplary
    instructional program for
    all students
  • Meet the safety and security
    needs of students and staff
    including the teaching and
    encouraging of positive
    school wide behavior
  • Employ and retain highly
    qualified staff
  • Employ strategies to
    improve attendance and
    eliminate dropouts
  • Implement strategies to
    increase parent involvement  

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A Happy and Productive Future

Queen City Independent School District is located in the Piney Woods region of extreme Northeast Texas. Queen City residents can enjoy the advantages of small-town life, with a backdrop of tall pines and large lakes, while having access to nationally known stores, restaurants, and theaters just twenty miles away in Texarkana.

Mission Statement

Queen City ISD is committed to assuring the academic achievement and personal growth of all students within a safe and positive environment that promotes

  • Good decision-making skills.
  • Respect for self and others.
  • Active engagement in learning.
  • The pursuit of excellence.
  • Leadership in the global and technological community.

Vision Statement

Queen City ISD takes pride in its past and maintains a focus on the future, teaching our students to respect themselves and others while preparing them to live, learn, and work successfully in a rapidly changing world. Queen City ISD is dedicated to making this vision a reality for all our students through planning, training, teamwork, and the responsible use of all available resources.